StackMob now Offering Android Developers Access to Their Backend Services

Backend service provider StackMob has announced official support for Android and has opened up Beta signup to those interested. StackMob which recently only supported iOS, provides mobile developers with everything they need to have a powerful backend while allowing them to concentrate on the part they do best — making apps!

Check out some of the great features StackMob has to offer:

    API Creation

  • Define business objects, add relationships and instantly get CRUD methods, fully authenticated
  • User objects get login/logout
  • On-demand caching of data to maintain fast response times
  • Open-sourced SDK to quickly have your app talking to StackMob
  • Easy to use web interface and test console
  • Custom Code

  • Add custom server code to your application without the headaches of building and maintaining the infrastructure
  • Write in Java or Scala, with more languages coming soon
  • Java SDK
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration

  • Facebook: Login, Create user, Link user to existing profile, Get profile information, Post to wall
  • Twitter: Login, Create user, Link user to existing profile, Post tweet
  • We manage API level updates on our servers so no need to resubmit your app every time Facebook or Twitter updates their API
  • Push Notifications

  • Messages can be sent one by one or in batches to any arbitrary group of devices
  • Send messages through our easy to use web interface or through your app with our SDK
  • Identify users via Device Token or User Id
  • Message scheduling and Advanced user preferences (coming soon)
  • Analytics

  • API level analytics
  • Average response times and errors
  • Data transferred
  • Coming soon: Drill down by geographic location, platform, app version, demographic info, Easy A/B testing, Custom events, Custom reports, e.g.: Number of ads an average user clicks per month
  • Sandbox and Production Environments

  • Distinct development and production environments, each with unique keys
  • Easy deployment from your Sandbox to Production
  • Built-in API versioning
  • Quickly add new versions or roll back to previous versions of your API

Any mobile developer looking to build, deploy and scale an Android app can get started by following these four easy steps:

For more information about StackMob and their backend service for Android, be sure to follow the link below.

Source: StackMob

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