Ice Cream Sandwich Widgets Revealed

Ice Cream Sandwich Widgets Revealed

 [dropcap_1] S [/dropcap_1] omeone by the name of Geek Vundotra is giving our friends at AndroidPolice all kinds of juicy Ice Cream Sandwich material, from screenshots to app lists. Now he has leaked images of the widgets used in Google’s newest Android version. The widgets given are the Gmail, Email, and Calendar widgets, and they show signs of Honeycomb with a refreshing taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. Go check them out after the break!
































So, what do you think? Are you looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich, or do you actually see it as a downgrade from Honeycomb and/or Gingerbread? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source AndroidPolice

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  1. Mike Silva
    October 17, 19:30 Reply

    Shouldn’t this be a dark background to save battery life in OLED screens?
    Actually I prefer black backgrounds whenever I can. It’s a pity most web pages use most pixels as a source of light directed to our eyes instead of only defining letters…

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 22:45 Reply

      Maybe that’ll be the theme of ICS : light AND/OR dark

  2. Billy Riley
    October 17, 19:47 Reply

    The Calender is a definite downgrade from honeycomb

  3. Ilya Eliseev
    October 17, 20:07 Reply

    Whats there to think…..looks like the same shit to me….Ice Cream better have some goodies aside from those shitty widgets

  4. Jbee1982
    October 17, 20:29 Reply

    Awful and dull…I also think these are downgrades

  5. Anonymous
    October 18, 00:41 Reply

    Looks great to me!  I don’t get the extremely negative comments that go so far as to call it a piece of shit…

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