MMS Comes to Google Voice Users Through Sprint

Google Voice users, rejoice! Google Voice is well on its way to bringing you full-fledged MMS support, and they’ve kicked things off with Sprint users first. According to the Google Voice Blog, users can now “receive pictures and other multimedia messages from Sprint subscribers,” which will show up on whatever phone they’ve set for mobile forwarding, as well as their inbox (providing they have text to email enabled in Google Voice settings). GV Blog also mentions that they are currently working with other mobile carriers to bring this feature to all users, but have no ETA as far as we can tell.

It’s interesting that Google launched this new feature on Sprint before any of the other carriers. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide that one. Drop a comment below, and give us your input!

via Google Voice Blog

  • Tony Archer

    How is that interesting?  They are already integrated so much that Sprint users are probably the main people asking for it.  Many more people would probably integrate GV on Sprint if it had mms.

  • NICE! Finally, I shall rejoice!!!

  • JFizDaWiz

    wish i could drop messaging on sprint to save money, otherwise pointless for me to use GV for sms.