Purported Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Looks a Tad Fake

A week-old YouTube video started making some noise this past weekend which is said to be a nearly three minute look at how Ice Cream Sandwich looks on a Galaxy S II handset. In a nutshell, it’s awesome, it’s slick looking,  it features the Google apps launcher and more.  Unfortunately, it’s probably also fake.

We’ll share the video with you (after the break) just so you can judge for yourself, but we’re pretty certain the stuff we’re looking at here is not the hotness we’ll be getting tomorrow night.  For instance, the way in which widgets are added looks nearly identical to how things operate on Gingerbread, differing vastly from the video that surfaced a week back.  The app launcher across the bottom  doesn’t match up, nor do we see any sign of the three navigation buttons from the earlier videos.  

If anything, this goes to show the customization that is possible with Android.  Should your phone not end up seeing Ice Cream Sandwich, at least you can find peace in knowing that some of the best stuff can be added piece-part.


  • It’s fake, but you’re not going to see the software buttons on a phone with hardware buttons.

    • Dan Andresan

      Thanks Richard, I was hoping the same. Why use a valuable space to display buttons I already have on Nexus S.

  • Rohit Manchanda

    I agree because have a look at the signal bar and the battery meter … all xda mods ..

  • It could be very early build.  Notice that the screen is on, soft keys are on.  Capacitive buttons are not lit.  He went to alot of extra work besides a launcher to create this if fake.

    • Anonymous

      You can run scripts in terminal to turn of capacitive buttons. Mine are actually off now on my sensation.

      • Anonymous

        You can turn the capacitive buttons off in Galaxy S2 settings.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a fake. A nice fake, but a fake all the same!

  • faker than anything ive seen so far

  • Anonymous

    Whatever it is, it looks like a nice rom.

  • Anonymous

    This guys is a sandwich artist then..$5