10 Questions for Tonight’s Samsung and Google Event

Tonight’s the big night! It’s the one day each year where we get to see what Google has up its sleeves as to it pertains to a benchmark development device.  As many of you know, Samsung and Google have an event scheduled late tonight (10PM EST) where it’s expected we’ll see not only Ice Cream Sandwich unveiled, but the Galaxy Nexus handset.  With a shade over 12 hours until the curtain goes up, we thought we’d put together a few lingering questions.  You know, the stuff we hope to see answered directly (or indirectly) via the conference.

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  1. When will the Galaxy Nexus be available?
  2. Which carrier(s) will offer the handset?
  3. Are there multiple devices?
  4. Will the phone be unlocked?
  5. Does the handset feature a microSD card?
  6. Will there be a “Siri” mentioned or shown off?
  7. When will Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to additional devices?
  8. When will the full SDK be released?
  9. What accessories will utilize the docking pins?
  10. Why don’t we have one in our hands yet?

Your Turn!

What questions do you hope to see answered when this is all said and done?

  • What availability outside the USA?

  • Josh Feuerstein

    Here’s one: Will there be a physical keyboard accessory other than a generic bluetooth solution?

  • Lindsay Reid

    Will it have NFC or will there be variants with and without for different markets?

    • Are you kidding Lindsay? Of course it will have NFC, that’s not in question at all.

  • Lindsay Reid

    Will there be desktop and car cradles/docks like the original Nexus One/Google Phone?

  • When will ICS be dropped to the Android Open Source Project?

  • Dagankst1

    will it have both gsm and cdma radios onboard like the iPhone 4s

  • you’re not serious about question No. 4 right? you know that this is a nexus device we’re talking about!

  • Brie

    $?  Will there also be an option to buy directly from Goog?  I know but I can hope.

  • Anonymous

    What really matters is what’s new in Ice Cream Sandwich and when I will be getting it on my Sprint Nexus S 4G. This new phone that Samsung is coming out with is kind of nice, but it’s the software that matters.

    So here’s some of the questions that I have:

    Will Ice Cream Sandwich bring multitasking up to speed with Mango and iOS putting an end to the lag on single core phones? I’m tired of the back button getting “stuck” on my Nexus S 4G phone when the phone is under heavy load. I hit back and my phone reacts as though I were holding a physical back button down.

    Will Ice Cream Sandwich include a better camera app that reduces the amount of time it takes to snap a picture? Is this something than can be fixed with a software update?

    Will Ice Cream Sandwich fix the slowdown that Flash heavy websites cause? The Nexus S hardware is more than capable of browsing Flash heavy websites without slowdown. It’s the Gingerbread browser that causes this.

    Will Ice Cream Sandwich fix the battery charging issue on the Nexus S 4G? With stock Gingerbread 2.3.7 the battery charges to 95% and stops. With Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 the battery charges to 99% and stops. Obviously not a hardware issue.