Native Screen Shots Expected in Ice Cream Sandwich

It’s taken long enough, but the ability to capture your Android’s screen looks to be a built-in feature for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich.  Long a pain in the butt for casual users, the simple idea of taking a snapshot of your phone’s screen was sorely lacking in Android’s foundation.  If rumors are to be believed, however, we’ll soon be able to hit VOLUME DOWN and POWER at the same time to create a .png file.  From there we should be able to share across just about any app/service/social network.

Source: AndroidPolice


  •  I am following your blog regularly and got great information. I really like the tips you have given.

  • Elteto

    The galaxy s 2 can take screenshot pressing home button + block screen 😀

  • Anonymous

    HTC Sensation running Android 2.3.4 can take screenshots with Power + Home