Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich SDK now Available for Download

Are you a ROM developer? Tinkerer? Just a solid geek with a passion for Android? After tonight’s awesome Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and Samsung Galaxy Nexus announcements, the SDK is now available for download, and users can start developing not only their apps in an emulator, but can start developing alpha-stage ROMs for their devices. According to the site: “The downloadable platform includes an Android library and system image, as well as a set of emulator skins and more. The downloadable platform does not include any external libraries.” So, if you’re interested, hit up the Android SDK site here, don your pocket protectors and geek hat, and get on that development!

  • Eclipsesg

    Great it will be for HTC sensation

  • Anonymous

    Android please release IcS for tablets as soon as possible.

  • FamilyIphone

    Nice! I hope they can make it more accurate than that headline image of
    course. This is one feature I would like iOS to copy/steal.

  • Mike

    Can I change My android 2.2 os to 2.3.3 on my samsung captivate i897

    • Damagingtime

      Is this free tech support?

  • exile

    Can I update my 2.3.6 Gingerbread to 4.0? I’m using Galaxy Y

    • tanay

      ya u can update

      • dhaval


  • Ubisoft_666

    Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note. I’d like to download and install Ice Cream Sandwich ASAP. When is it available in Sweden?

  • Dazzaboyz

    when is the galaxy note getting 4.0

  • lostAndroid

    ok I’m very thick i guess, but I can not seem to find a place to download android X.X except from my tablet maker…what the hell am I doing wrong… what do I search for because “download android 4.0” doesn’t seem to cut it… I just get articles about features?!?!

  • can i update my Huawei Sonic 2.3.5?