Clove Technology Taking Pre Orders for Galaxy Nexus (UK)

Clove Technology (who I’ll admit I’ve never heard of before today) have just announced via their Twitter that they are taking pre-orders for the upcoming Galaxy Nexus. They’ll be selling the handset sim free for £429 + VAT (£514.80) and expect stock to arrive at the beginning of November. Clove also confirm that there will not be a 32GB version on the UK market at this stage, sorry folks.

If you’re too impatient to wait then hit up the source link and get that pre order down. As for myself I’m going to wait until closer to release in hope of the price changing (although having just re-checked their Twitter feed apparently that’s the confirmed price). I can’t wait to get my hands on this device, even though us Brits will only have the option of 16GB I don’t mind. I’ve yet to run out of space on my Nexus S and with most Google services moving to the cloud I doubt I’ll reach it on the Galaxy Nexus.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re thinking of pre-ordering from Clove.


Source: Clove Technology

Via: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Lucky, can’t wait for Vz release

  • Sp4rkR4t

    No way I’m paying £500, beside clove are notorious for hiking up the price on pre-orders. Want to see how much it will cost from Google direct.

  • Paul

    This phone is getting shitter by the minute!
    Its already hobbled by comparison with phones coming out soon.
    It should have had a 1.5 ghz dual processor and 8 mp camera
    Not paying 500 pounds for a hobbled phone, should have 32 gb ‘minimum’
    It doesn’t even have an extra sd card slot like the Galaxy S2

  • what a great post! very good job! keep it up!!

  • Duncan Booth

    The pattern for new phones seems to be high pre-order prices and massive price drops just before they are released, so I’ll be waiting to see how much it is when it actually becomes available.

  • Sterling Udell

    Got any evidence for Clove jacking up prices? I just did some quick searching and can’t find any. Example: on Sep 14 Clove was reported as having the Sensation XE up for preorder at £492 ( ). Today, their (post-release) price for the same handset is exactly the same. I found other examples as well.

    When I order my Galaxy Nexus, odds are it’ll be from Clove. Not sure yet if I’ll preorder it or not.

  • christian miranda

    how many days since it was announced for pre orders? i just wonder how many(millions?) units already been ordered.