Galaxy Nexus signup page goes live with seven U.S. carriers listed

Which carrier would you choose?

Samsung’s signup page for the Galaxy Nexus has gone live this afternoon, giving interested consumers a chance to”get the latest” on the new handset.  Widely expected to arrive as a Verizon exclusive at first, U.S. consumers may have to wait a bit before it hits other carriers.  As to which wireless providers this includes remains to be seen.  A quick peek at the part of the form marked ‘carrier preference’ lets us choose from one of seven service providers.

This is not to suggest that all of the carriers listed is expected to offer the Galaxy Nexus any time soon, but it’s a start.  How great is it to see all four big guys as well as no-contract players like MetroPCS listed?

Which carrier would you choose?

Assuming you want the Galaxy Nexus for yourself (who wouldn’t?), which is the best carrier?

  • J. Williams

    Sprint and T-Mobile, woohoo

  • Anonymous

    This will be interesting. Finally carriers will follow to such peace and harmony… haha. 

  • LiterofCola

    Yeah, don’t get too excited, the S2 had the same thing right before the US launch and you see how well that worked out for verizon

    • Notgiven

      Exactly.  I waiting 3 months excitedly for nothing.  Verizon would have had a sale if their version of the GS2 had LTE.  Verizon = Epic Fail this time.

  • Beau Hebert

    Desperately hoping it goes to Sprint, but the signs aren’t looking good. Verizon is way too overpriced, AT&T is a terrible and network, and after being throttled down to dialup this speeds by T-Mobile for using their product too much, I am ready to head to Sprint.

  • Guest

    Your hottest handset has exclusivity to one carrier when Apple woke up and offered the I phone on multiple carriers = clever way to competer google. 

  • Stacie Nuss

    Sprint please!

  • Michael Caruana