Ice Cream Sandwich Should Work on Gingerbread Handsets


We get it, you love all the great stuff that comes with Ice Cream Sandwich but you don’t want to plunk down a few hundred bucks for a Galaxy Nexus.  Perhaps you have a grudge against Verizon or some other reason to avoid the carrier.  And besides, you just upgraded a few months ago and picked up a Photon 4G or Droid Bionic.  Will you get Android 4.0?  According to Google, the answer is yes.

At last night’s Android 4.0/Galaxy Nexus event, a member of the Engadget team asked Google staffer Gabe Cohen whether or not today’s current models will support Ice Cream Sandwich.  As he put it, most of the devices currently running Android 2.3 Gingerbread should ultimately see an update.  What’s more, he advised that  Google is “currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. ”

With the full source code likely not becoming available until after the Galaxy Nexus arrives, it stands to reason that the first updates won’t happen until early 2012.  Outside of the Pure Google experience devices (Nexus One, Nexus S) it’s a crap shoot at this point.  As is the case with all devices released just before the new OS, we can imagine carriers and handset makers wanting to support those first.  Another soft rule is that the more popular your phone is with your carrier, the better the chances of seeing a software update.



    • I would say that you will definately get ICS if you are prepared to root your phone and install a custom ROM. A good way of extending it’s life.
      Your phone has got a good processor ( CApable of being overclocked safely to 1.4 -1.6 Ghz ) and a GPU for the 2D graphics hardware acceleration that ICS demands.
      So just wait for Cyanogen team to give it to you within a few months 🙂

  1. I’m sure Samsung will get riiiiiight on that for the Galaxy S.

    But the good news is the custom ROM makers will have us covered.

  2. Are we at the mercy of the manufacturer or the carrier with updates? About a year ago my nephew had to “unbrand” his ATT Samsung Captivate and download the latest Android OS from a site in Europe.  Phone worked a lot better.  So ICS will be available for the Galaxy S 2 in april 2012 – four phones with 3 carriers – will all get the update?

  3. hi… i have here my samsung galaxy wonder, is there any update or it is possible to upgrade gingerbread to ice cream sandwich on my SGWonder? thanks and best regards!