Netflix app for Android updated, Honeycomb devices now supported

Netflix app for Android updated, Honeycomb devices now supported

The Netflix app has been around for some time now and has worked “unofficially” on just about every device. Every few weeks Netflix drops an update to give “official” support to these devices and today they updated the app to officially support Honeycomb devices. Before all you Honeycomb tablet owners start jumping for joy, I have to warn you that “Honeycomb Support” does not equate to “Honeycomb optimized.” Reports have been flying in that while the newest update does indeed work on Honeycomb devices, it is far from stellar. It appears to be very low quality and disappointing from what I’ve heard but it’s available nonetheless.

Along with Honeycomb support, Netflix 1.5.0 extends Android support to Canada and Latin America for the first time and supports alternate audio and subtitles. If you haven’t had Netflix running on your Honeycomb tablet already, and have been waiting for official support, it’s here and ready for download over at the Android Market.

Android Market Link: Netflix

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  1. Anonymous
    October 20, 09:07 Reply

    I actually never deleted my Blockbuster app off of my tablet, it’s still there, to be honest seeing that when I was trying to pull up angry birds right after cancelling my Netflix subscription is what gave me the idea to go back, good marketing I guess? lol. I just decided to go back to Blockbuster, and also working for DISH Network I know I can get the streaming and movies in mail, so it’s just bye bye Netflix.

  2. JF McNamara
    October 20, 04:42 Reply

    It’s just another option to stream video. Those too lazy to navigate to Flash enabled streaming web sites now have an option.

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