October 26, 2014

Android Market cuts active installs

Crashing counts

Yesterday I was unpleasantly surprised when I saw active counters on my seemingly ever rising HireAdroid drop a whopping 30 percent.

This morning I visited the Android Market forums to find out if I was the only unlucky developer experiencing this drop, and low and behold, there was a bunch of developers screaming bloody murder. After two days, this message popped up in my developer’s market page:

So what was the official explanation?

Recent change in active installs calculation in the Developer Console

As of 18 October 2011 developers may notice a decrease in the active install counts displayed in their Android Market Developer Console. Some app updates were being counted as active installs. We are now using a different calculation methodology which does not incorporate installing an app update. Going forward the active installs metric will correctly reflect the device installations. Please note that total install counts were not affected.

And in case you wondered, dear Google… (and you did wonder); yes we have noticed, and so did our screaming clients. Not cool.

Please let us know if your apps have been affected by this change and what you think of the latest Market truc bizarre?