Appbackr seeks to help developers with new distribution formula

As Android continues to grow and evolve, the platform finds itself on new and interesting devices all the time.  The problem is that with those devices, come the potential for alternative app distribution models.  If your phone or tablet was not officially given the all clear by Google, you won’t find the Android Market anywhere in sight.  Amazon, GetJar, SlideMe, AndSpot, and AppsLib are but just a few of the seemingly endless possibilities of Android app stores.

Developers are finding that this has become maddening as they try to figure out which one is the right model for them.  Do they go with the Android Market and call it a day or do they consider Amazon as an exclusive now that the Kindle Fire is upon us?  Appbackr seeks to help developers by answering those questions on a case-by-case scenario.

A ray of light

Appbackr is designed to help developers figure out which markets would best suit their needs, automatically delivering apps to the right portal.  Using a secret sauce algorithm and a partnership that extends to more than 100 app stores, Appbackr Xchange is here to focus on finding you the best ways to gain the proper exposure or, even better, monetize your efforts.  This way, you can get back to worrying about code instead.

If you’re a developer looking for some help in this area, be sure to check out Appbackr Xchange and sign up for a beta. (Tell ’em AndroidGuys sent ya with invitation code ANDROIDGUYS)  To sweeten the deal and lure in potential users, there’s a contest underway right now (we’re participating) which will help one lucky developer win an entry into the system. Appbackr has set up a competition called “Build the Maze! And then: Break it!”.

The maze logo/graphic has been cut into several pieces and given to a number of Android related blogs and websites.  Your task is to hunt each down and reassemble them in the proper order.  Start here on AndroidGuys, find the first piece, and then head off to the other participating sites.  Once you find them all, email your re-built maze to [email protected]


  • 1st: will be the very first person to have to chance to submit his app to appbackr Xchange; will be named as the competiton winner on all participating sites including a short description of his app; will get an appbackr Xchange ‘Break the Maze’ t-shirt
  • 2nd to 5th: will get an appbackr Xchange ‘Break the Maze’ t-shirt

Build the Maze! And then: Break it! Get Distribution for your Android App

App distribution is a maze. Especially when it comes to the high number of Android stores, it’s almost impossible for app developers to identify the right place(s) for their app.

Oct 20, 2011 –
Build the Maze! And then: Break it!

Palo Alto, CA – October 20, 2011 – App distribution is a maze. Especially when it comes to the high number of Android stores, it’s almost impossible for app developers to identify the right place(s) for their app.

appbackrs up-and-coming product Xchange (@Xchange) is going to break that maze by pushing apps to the most relevant stores according to their main characteristics. Through partnerships with 100s of app stores and a sophisticated bid and ask system Xchange identifies the perfect place for any app.

As a fun approach to the new product, appbackr has set up a competition called “Build the Maze! And then: Break it!”. A maze graphic is cut into several pieces which are given to Android related blogs and websites. Those place their pieces more or less hidden on the pages and challenge their visitors to find all pieces in the network of participating sites.

The first person succeeding to re-build the original maze out of all pieces will not only have the chance to present his/her app in the context of being named as the winner of the competition, but will also be the very first user to be given the chance to submit an app to appbackr Xchange.

The competition will run from Thursday, 20 October 2 p.m. (PST) until Monday, 24 October midnight (PST). Detached from a participation in the competition developers can sign up for an early invite to appbackr Xchange at

appbackr’s SmartApps algorithm enables the discovery of the most promising new apps and sleeper apps at the tipping point of success with predictive analytics. SmartApps has great insight into what does and doesn’t convert to traffic and sales. In addition, The algorithm identifies the apps that will be most successful for a specific market and distributes apps to the most appropriate retail channels and target audiences based on that data.

Appbackr provides developers distribution across over 50 platforms in the United States, Europe and Asia including   Airtel , Amazon, Appia, Appitalism, Ericsson eStore, GetJar, Lenovo, LG App store, MTS Russia, Opera, Telenor, Tmobile, Toshiba App store, Virgin USA, Vodafone Germany , Vodafone Greece, Vodafone Ireland, Vodafone Italy, Vodafone Portugal, Vodafone South Africa, Vodafone Spain, Vodafone The Netherlands, Vodafone UK.

About appbackr:
appbackr Inc. ( is the first and only digital market exchange for mobile applications. With its SmartApps predictive analytics algorithm, appbackr is able to identify the most promising new apps on the market, and provides additional distribution through the Android bookshelf and other retail channels. Winner of the PayPal X Developer Challenge and SVASE/Cambridge West Ventures Seed Fund Award, the company was also selected as an OnMobile 2011 Top 100 Company and an AlwaysOn 2011 Global 250 Company. appbackr was founded in 2010 and is based in Palo Alto, CA.

Stores and developers can sign up for more information about appbackr at exchange.  To learn about SmartApps, go to blog.

  • Your readers may be interested to know there was a mistake in the press release. TheAndroidSoul is not running the contest, you can find it on TheAndroidSite here: