WSJ: Samsung wrestles top spot from Apple in smartphone shipments

According to an article posted on the Wall Street Journal today, Samsung has taken the lead as the company which shipped more smartphones than anyone else.  Selling more than 20 million handsets in third quarter of 2011, it’s up five times over the 3 million sold in Q2 of 2010. The figures, which have not been officially announced or confirmed, look to see Samsung moving anywhere between 20-30 million smartphones.

Apple has already announced their Q3 numbers, indicating sales of 17.1 million, slightly ahead of Nokia’s 16.8 million.  The last few years have been dominated worldwide by Nokia however Android and Apple have put a sizable dent in Nokia’s lead.  In fact, the recent year or so would have us believe that the days of Nokia and Symbian dominance are behind us.

Things will get very interesting as we head into the fourth quarter as the Galaxy S II series begins hitting three of the top four carriers in the United States.  On the other hand, there’s thing called the iPhone 4S which looks to swing things back in favor of Apple.

How will Q4 play out?

Do you think the Galaxy S II series has enough to outweigh the iPhone 4S?

  • Sebastian

    First you write “shipped” and then “sold”. The WSJ article says “shipped”, so no one knows how many devices Samsung actually sold.

    • Anonymous

      Just shutup already…. all companies report shipped to retail as sales. Even CrApple! Unless you believe their 1984 Doublethink propaganda. Like when they twisted what Samsung said about Galaxy Tab 7″ sales. Which proved to dent the iPad by 20% on it’s own. lol…. 

      But…. this isn’t even Samsung saying this. It’s an analyst’s own estimate. That’s why it’s such a wide estimate (20 to 30 Million). He’s just saying it’s obvious that Samsung beat them. Because if you consider, that in the 2nd quarter w/ slightly less than 2 month’s on sale they sold 10.3 million Galaxy SII’s alone and followed that by reporting they had sold 20 million by the end of August (before going on sale in America and China on 3 carriers each), this quarter Samsung overall Smartphone sales will be huge. They were selling millions around the world and in China all through September. Plus Samsung smartphones have sold here too. 

      That’s not counting all their other Android phones, Bada OS Smartphones and WP7 Phones Smartphones. So even a conservative estimate puts them over 20 million and more likely closer to 25 million for the quarter!!! 

      With Apple’s 3GS and iphone 4 sales tanking last quarter, Samsung most likely stomped all over them. Not to mention that they are projected to break 300 Million overall total phone sales this year!!! haha….. Love seeing this. Samsung so deserves to bloody CrApple’s nose! :DDD

  • Ken

    I can’t believe people are buying the iphone 4s when in 8 months a new version will come out with 4g. But that’s the thing about iphone sales lot’s of people buy each and every single version.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah…. read it and weep all you CrApple iFarting Lunatics! Samsung beat the crapple out of Apple in spite of the lawsuits. Notice too that even Apple realizes they can’t get the quality of parts out TSMC, that they can from Samsung. Consequently in spite of the lawsuits Samsung is making the A6 for Apple right now!  

    That’s because Samsung knows that they make the most money when they Open their parts manufacturing up to the World and run on Open Platforms as well as closed platforms like WP7. To Samsung everybody is their friend and that’s what made Windows PC clones so successful in the first place. You would think that Microsoft would have caught on the same lesson they taught the World back then with their Phones. But no they’ve chose to follow Apple into eventual obscurity and being swallowed up in niche markets instead!