Detailed inner-specs of the Galaxy Nexus become available

Engadget has called in famous developer François Simond (better know as Supercurio) to list as many inner components of the Galaxy Nexus as possible. The inner components are far from shocking, but still they can take care of your ever more nerdy needs. A 720p HD display doesn’t control itself after all, does it?

This is the list of things Engadget and Supercurio discovered inside the Galaxy Nexus:


  • CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP4460, 2047.7 BogoMIPS
  • GPU: Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540 (same as the Galaxy S and Nexus S, though this one uses a higher clock speed at 384MHz)
  • WiFi / Bluetooth module: Broadcom BCM4330 (same as in the Galaxy S II)
  • Audio codec: Texas Instruments TWL6040
  • HDMI: Silicon Image MHD SiI9234 transmitter over MHL (same as Infuse 4G and GSII)
  • USB Switch: Fairchild semiconductors fsa9480 (industry standard)
  • Framebuffer controller: Samsung S6E8AA0 MIPI LCD with Gamma correction driver


  • Geomagnetic sensor: Brand new tri-axial Yamaha YAS530
  • TouchScreen sensor: Melfas MMSxxx touchscreen
  • Optical / proximity sensor: GP2A (same as Galaxy S and Nexus S)
  • Barometric pressure sensor: BOSCH BMP180 (first of its kind in a smartphone)
  • Triaxial acceleration sensor: BOSCH BMA250
  • Triple Axis MEMS Gyroscope: InvenSense MPU3050
  • Fuel Gauge (algorithm to track battery’s state of charge): MAXIM MAX17040

Misc. internals

  • Facial recognition elements (Face Unlock): left eye, right eye, nose base, head, face
  • Available resolution for standard apps: 720 x 1184px
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • LCD Density: 320
  • Default display color depth: 32bit
  • Camera uses OMAP Ducati Subsystem, on-screen preview size is 768 x 576
  • Linux kernel: 3.0.1 compiled for SMP with voluntary kernel preemption for best interactivity
  • Android ROM: version 4.0.1, built October 13, 2011
  • Device name: Maguro
  • Main input/output type supported: Headphone, Speaker, Microphone, Bluetooth, Voice, FM, S/PDIF over HDMI; USB Audio DAC (digital-to-audio converter with USB input and stereo outputs) should also be supported

Well, there you have it — a detailed look inside the Galaxy Nexus. What do you think?

Source: Engadget

  • Anonymous

    So no microsd?? Frickin’ A. Just got a 32gb for my nexus one. Wanted to put that in a galaxy nexus and have 64gb!!!

  • Its Shannon

    So why have same parts as galaxy s and nexus s? Isn’t that a bit dated?

    • Thijs Koot

      Except for the GPU, no. I mean, how could you improve a proximity sensor? It functioned fine in both the Nexus S and Galaxy S.

  • Jbee1982

    I wish we could have the Galaxy S2 HD LTE phone…waaaay better than the “not quite polished” ice cream sandwich UI and disappointing specs….that is galaxy nexus

    • I have no interest in Touchwiz and no interest in waiting forever before Samsung updates the OS on their Touchwiz phones.  Personally I like the UI on ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Not the best specs I agree, but together with ICS this makes for an awesome phone.

    Personally I don’t understand why any Android phone would not come with micro SD expandability as standard, just doesn’t make sense especially as the quoted sizes on theses phones, are not all available to the user.

    Time for someone else to get a chance at producing the next Nexus phone, as currently HTC produced the G1(Dream) and Nexus 1 and Samsung have produced the Nexus S and Galaxy S.

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