Galaxy Nexus Spotted in Internal Sprint Document?


It’s at this point that I turn my attention to Sprint customers, and give them a thumbs-up, signifying the beginning of celebration. That’s right, you might be getting some Galaxy Nexus love as well, according to a leaked shipping list. The list has one single item on it: a poster advertising the “Nexus Prime,” which we all know as the Galaxy Nexus. Now, we have to stress that this isn’t concrete, and it could just be something fabricated, so we advise everyone to take it with a grain of salt until more information comes in.

So, what can we infer from this rumor, other than the fact that Sprint apparently uses UPS Ground shipping? Well, if it is indeed true, the Now Network will be getting the Galaxy Nexus in the near future, most likely with some form of 4G connectivity. Keep in mind that Sprint is planning a switch to LTE by 2013, so they may release the device with LTE onboard. Again, this is all smoke and mirrors at the moment, but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

So, do we have any Sprint customers out there that are holding off for a possible Galaxy Nexus? Anyone not impressed with the device? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s true but I sure hope so. I would so get the LTE version and wait for Sprint to build the network. When I got my EVO 4G there was no 4G in my area so I’m kinda used to this. 🙂

  2. Hell yeah. I’m waiting for a Galaxy Nexus. iPhones are girl phones. Itty bitty screens, fashionable enough to match most Coach bags. Ill stick with a massive screened Galaxy Nexus.

  3. I have Sprint at my new job and I have been holding off on the Epic 4g Touch and clinging to a thread of hope that Sprint would get this. I really hope that some jackass didn’t fabricate this.

  4. I guarantee this is not fabricated. Everyone knows Sprint uses UPS. All Sprint employees know this. What else would they use? FedEx…well they use that too, but they use UPS much much much more often. Only Brightpoint uses FedEx

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  6. The bigger question is not are they going to get it, but if it will have Wimax or LTE onboard. As much as I want this phone I think I would have to hold off if Wimax is a prediction I think that Sprint may start to introduce LTE handsets in June, but start to announce them at CES maybe? Maybe a LTE EVO?

  7. In all reality, the Nexus will be coming to Sprint.  A version of the Galaxy Nexus passed through the FCC with T-Mobile (the first Nexus carrier) and AT&T Radios.  Verizon was said (and has now confirmed) to have an exclusive first crack at the Galaxy Nexus and that would leave Sprint as last man out.  With Sprint passing on the Nexus and going all in on the Nexus S, its highly unlikely that Sprint will miss out with how much they gained from the S.  Its not really a matter of if, moreso a matter of when.  When they do, I’m moving up from Evo 4G to the Galaxy Nexus.

  8. I had been so much exciting for android and was looking for some good cellphone from samsung and I found Galaxy Nexus to be very promising and so I go for it.

  9. I liked the moto razor more but they dint haver nfc & it’s enough to turn to the nexus, the super amoled qHD on the razor should be sharper than & as sharp as a regular line pixel, so the screen isn’t a matter it’s the fact that the gpu three razor & nexus are using are both overclocked sgx540’s clock around 350 to 400 which should be enough for any game & games being released but shut use an older model? I thought the razor was going to use the 545, but it’ll still bee good as I said but how good would it run on a 1280×720? I know that on the qHD screened razor it’ll look great thanks to the decent resolution & since it isn’t so high that games will still run great it’s a guarantee that razor won’t have a problem but the nexus us something I’ll be hoping plays games at a good enough frame rate that I see no stutter.

  10. If this is a fake, someone has done their homework and had attention to detail. Sprint uses UPS for more than just shipping. UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Louisville, KY manages the supply chain of all Sprint handsets, including tracking, warehousing, and shipping from beginning to end. Whether you get your phone at the store or in the mail, if it’s from Sprint, it came from UPS. It doesn’t surprise me that this poster, real or imagined, has UPS as it’s carrier.