March 26, 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich ported to the Nexus One, running quite well [Video]


Ice Cream Sandwich may not yet be available on any device other than the not yet released Galaxy Nexus, but the oldest of the Nexus family has already received an taste of Google’s new dessert thanks to an SDK port. It doesn’t run perfect, but it boots and shows that this quite outdated device isn’t out of business. In fact, with some optimization, the Nexus One could handle Ice Cream Sandwich just fine. Check out the video below to see ICS in action on a Nexus One and oh — the video quality is horrible.

Source: GSMArena

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  1. Jbee1982

    I really don’t like Ice Cream Sandwich, nor did I like the Galaxy Nexus when it was introduced. The on-screen keyboard looks weird and takes up space. I also did not like the specs. The whole UI looks unfinished. I am waiting for the Samsung Galaxy s2 HD LTE to come to the US. It has a faster 1.5dual core and 720p with Super AMOLED plus screen. The screen is 4.65 too!

  2. She lookin out 4 me!

    jbee1972 yur kidding right! just having a laugh! putting us on a such. i get it, no really i get it. this is the finest phone i’ve ever seen and ICS is the best os on the market right now hands down.

  3. Anonymous

    Time will allow proper ports to the Nexus 1, good effort by the OP as he has been working with the SDK only and no drivers etc.

    Promising though once the AOSP (ASOP??) becomes available.can’t wait personally as my N1 is a waiting!

  4. Anonymous

    Absolutely Sal, I’ve been waiting two years for someone to make a better looking phone.


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