March 29, 2015

Motorola confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for XOOM


Motorola has confirmed that their Honeycomb-powered Android tablet, the XOOM, will see Ice Cream Sandwich.  Without identifying a specific time frame or additional details, Matt (forums manager) does indicate that the company will issue Android 4.0 to the 10.-1inch tablet.  Considering the hardware hasn’t evolved too fast for Android tablets, there’s a good chance that a lower price point and newer OS could kick start some sales.

More appealing?

Would you consider picking up a Motorola XOOM if it had Ice Cream Sandwich?  Why or why not?

Thanks for the heads up, Antoids!

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, since I have a XOOM I am of course happy that ICS is coming to it. And at $300, I feel it was worth the money. But the screen is just awful compared to a Tab or iPad, so I can’t actually recommend anyone run out and buy one unless you’ll only be using it in low light.

  2. 304jfce

    Aaaaaw yeah, can’t wait. I love using my Xoom and since I’m on Sprint and might have to wait a while for the Nexus, I would love ICS to mess around with till then.

  3. [email protected]

    Can’t say anything bad about the xoom, can’t wait for the update

  4. ExFlyGeek

    If its upgradeable to 4.0/ICS, does that make it certain it is upgradeable to further versions of 4.x?

  5. Chloexdownes

    if i buy a xoom will it be able to recieve a free update to icream sandwich considering it is going to come from 3.2 / honeycomb ?? thanks


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