Motorola confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for XOOM


Motorola has confirmed that their Honeycomb-powered Android tablet, the XOOM, will see Ice Cream Sandwich.  Without identifying a specific time frame or additional details, Matt (forums manager) does indicate that the company will issue Android 4.0 to the 10.-1inch tablet.  Considering the hardware hasn’t evolved too fast for Android tablets, there’s a good chance that a lower price point and newer OS could kick start some sales.

More appealing?

Would you consider picking up a Motorola XOOM if it had Ice Cream Sandwich?  Why or why not?

Thanks for the heads up, Antoids!


  1. Well, since I have a XOOM I am of course happy that ICS is coming to it. And at $300, I feel it was worth the money. But the screen is just awful compared to a Tab or iPad, so I can’t actually recommend anyone run out and buy one unless you’ll only be using it in low light.

  2. Aaaaaw yeah, can’t wait. I love using my Xoom and since I’m on Sprint and might have to wait a while for the Nexus, I would love ICS to mess around with till then.

  3. […] As an Android fanboy, I believe that I am not the only one excited about Ice Cream Sandwich and I am really waiting for the Galaxy Nexus as most of you are, but… I’m sure not everyone is going to sell their Droid Bionic or SGSII just to buy the Galaxy Nexus. Most of you will instead patiently await an ICS update to your device. Motorola recently told us that the Motorola XOOM will receive the ICS […]

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    Can’t say anything bad about the xoom, can’t wait for the update

  5. if i buy a xoom will it be able to recieve a free update to icream sandwich considering it is going to come from 3.2 / honeycomb ?? thanks