Movies come to UK Android Market

We received a number of emails this morning from excited Android users in the UK, advising that the Android Market now allows for movie rental. The move comes roughly one month after our friends up north started seeing rentals on phones and tablets. According to one email we received the Android Market notified him proactively that the update was available.

Any of you guys living abroad anxious to start renting movies? What’s the first title you are going to stream?

Android Market

  • Anonymous

    Yes this is available in the UK, but currently the market version on our phone would need updating to a version later than 3.2.0 (which I am currently using) to enable the watching of films from our devices. 
    Movies are available from the Web version of the market and the film I have rented is only available there. I guess within the next few day we may get an update to the market for phone/tablets

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