T-Mobile: “Our portfolio will give any iPhone a run for its money”

T-Mobile: “Our portfolio will give any iPhone a run for its money”

T-Mobile issued a formal statement late last night which ultimately sounds like an official response to “Where’s the T-Mobile iPhone?”  Reading through the post we get the sense that the carrier is feeling pretty left out right now while consumers snatch up an iPhone 4S at other providers.

T-Mobile’s Senior VP of Marketing, Andrew Sherrard,  makes it obvious that they would love to have an iPhone of their own and indicates that their network would be perfect for the smartphone.  In the meanwhile, however, T-Mobile customers have a vast Android portfolio to consider.

After you finish the statement below, tell us how feel about an iPhone on T-Mobile.  Would you switch from Android if/when Apple creates one for the carrier?  What advantages does a phone like the Amaze 4G or Galaxy S II have for you?

STATEMENT: T-Mobile USA 4G Smartphones

T-Mobile thinks the iPhone is a good device and we’ve expressed our interest to Apple to offer it to our customers. Ultimately, it is Apple’s decision. The issue remains that Apple has not developed a version of the iPhone with technology that works on our fast 3G and 4G networks. We believe a capable version of the iPhone for our 3G and 4G networks would offer an additional compelling option for our customers on a fast 4G network. However, the iPhone is not the only option to experience the benefit that smartphones offer.

T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones stack up against competitive smartphones in terms of functionality, speed, features offered and overall experience – including the iPhone 4S. Reports continue of iPhones not operating well on some carrier networks, while our latest 4G smartphones offer many advantages vs. the iPhone 4S:

  • Capable of faster speeds
  • Bigger screens
  • Compelling service pricing
  • More advanced camera on the HTC Amaze 4G
  • More choice

We firmly believe that T-Mobile’s portfolio will give any iPhone a run for its money. We offer the increased processing power and faster 4G speeds achieved by our fastest smartphones, the most advanced camera of any smartphone on the HTC Amaze 4G, and our industry-leading 4.52” super AMOLED display offered on the Samsung Galaxy S II.
With our portfolio of Android, Windows, and BlackBerry smartphones, fast 4G network, and competitively priced worry-free unlimited talk, text, and data plans, we believe it’s a great time to be a T-Mobile customer.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 21, 14:36 Reply

    I couldn’t care less if T-Mobile got the iPhone or not.I’m actually happier that they didn’t, because hopefully, this will give them more incentive to offer the galaxy nexus. Everyone knows the nexus is a better phone than the iPhone anyway, and T-Mobile has such a huge android backing, it would be a shame not to have the new nexus. Long live T-Mobile and android, the perfect combination

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