App Conference and Hackathon arrives this week

The App Conference and Hackathon get started later this week, giving us two days worth of fun, developer-centric news.  The event takes place in Santa Clara, CA on October 26th and 27th, and will be a great place for new and seasoned mobile developers to rub elbows with like-minded folks.

Show highlights include:

  • Best methods for marketing and revenue.
  • Platform Wars: trends and what’s next.
  • Keynote: ESPN’s multi-screen device strategy.
  • Keynote: Walmart’s mobile app development strategy.
  • Keynote: How Pandora took its app to over 200 platforms.
  • Case studies from top app developers.
  • Latest analysis and insight from market researchers and investors.
  • Programming and design strategies from visionary developers.

At the last check, there were more than 100 speakers expected, including members from Netflix, OpenFeint, Barnes & Noble, Nielsen, Flurry, and more. Taking a look at the list of participating companies, it reads like a roster of some of Android’s most respected industry figures.  With more than 700 reps from across 400+ companies, there could be some key app updates announced.  Google is listed to be among those coming to the party so perhaps attendees will get to taste a bit of Ice Cream Sandwich. Whatever goes down, we’ll be watching closely for news out of California and suggest you keep an eye out as well.

The Hackathon part of the conference gets underway on day two (October 27) and provides ample opportunity to ‘learn new skills, build mobile apps, compete for prizes, meet people and find teammates for new or current projects’. Not exactly what we had in mind when we hear “hack” but we’re cool with it nonetheless.