March 31, 2015

Turn your Galaxy Nexus into a pocket console with Ice Cream Sandwich


Ice Cream Sandwich is cool, but with this tweet from Romain Guy, it gets even cooler. It turns out your Galaxy Nexus can be turned into a pocket video gaming console with support for full-fledged game controllers. Honeycomb already had this feature, but it’s nice to see the support encompass our phone’s as well. With emulators of the Nintendo 64, Playstation One, Gameboy Advance and many, many more legacy consoles… I can’t wait to get my mobile gaming on!

The picture below shows what the actual setup and view of your input devices will look like. Cool, huh?

Source: Phandroid

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    • Therussian

      Well, some game controllers are bluetooth, like Nintendo Wii’s one. ;-)

      And adapters are already there for the Galaxy S2, to use both USB charging and HDMI, through HML interface.

  1. Tony Hickham

    I already do this!! i have SNES9X and it includes a VERY easy connection procedure to Wii controllers via bluetooth.. then i use the HDMI out on my G2X and i can sit back on the couch playing super nintendo games.. SWEET!! now i need to work on getting a playstation emulator…the angels will sing!


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