New Evo 3D security update to go live today, specific fixes not listed

If you’re an Evo 3D user, there’s some good news about your device hitting the streets today. HTC is releasing a security update for the HTC Evo 3D and will begin rolling it out to phones on the 27th of October, but you can manually pull the update as of this morning. Sprint tells us that the security update 2.08.651.3 has improvements to device security, however they don’t say exactly what those fixes may be. Remember, as with all of Sprint‘s updates, it will come out in stages, so if you don’t get it now, you will later on. If you get the update on you Evo 3D and notice any changes, be sure to let us know what they are. Tip: if you’re looking to manually grab the update, be sure to hit the Sprint link below.

Source: Sprint via Android Central