Google: Nexus One is too old for Ice Cream Sandwich

HTC Nexus One

Android 4.0 was recently unveiled by Google and all Android users are hoping that their device will receive this new mighty software update. While many newer devices are slated to receive the update, older devices like the Nexus One, Hero or Desire share an unknown fate. Well, we don’t know about all of them but Google’s Hugo Barra has told the Telegraph that the Nexus One is too old to receive Ice Cream Sandwich, while the Nexus S will receive it in few weeks. I don’t think Nexus One users should be disappointed considering the device is almost 2 yrs old and features an outdated GPU and CPU, as well as internal memory. But friends, look at the bright side, there are still developers who are working to port ICS to the Nexus One and other outdated Android devices. It might slow down your device but at least you can say you have ICS. I’m also a Nexus One user, and trust me, I’m ready to move forward and certainly won’t be waiting for ICS to make it to my N1. Devices like the Desire and Hero will most likely also miss the chance to receive Android 4.0, so perhaps it’s time you start looking at your contract to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade.

So folks, is it finally time to retire the N1 or will the developer community keep it alive? Give us a shout in the comment box below.

  • There will always be someone more willing to invest time than to invest money. 

  • Gusteez

    Cyanogen will have ICS on this with a week or two of the source code being released. No worries here.

  • Tony Archer

    Outdated cpu and gpu?  Umm no, there are still plenty of phones coming out with processors similar to the Snapdragon in the Nexus One.  I’m hoping internal memory is the only reason they don’t want to update the phone.

  • cricker

    Not happy about this announcement! I’d love to see an ICS update for my Nexus One; my phone is still runs fast and I’m like the form factor better than what I’ve seen to date. Even though I’m off-contract, I’m not going to move to Verizon for the new Samsung Prime because Verizon is too da** expensive (I’m on t-mo)! I’ll wait for something else…

    • Bighairynuts

      LOL.. too damn expensive. I’ll take Verizon’s higher prices over T-Mo’s crappy service any day. I’ll pay more money for my phone to work literally everywhere. T-Mobile has garbage service. I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

  • Prach

    I think Google should be ashamed of itself. While Apple IOS5 will support the 3GS which is older by 6 months, Google won’t support a phone they sold as “developers’ phone” only a year ago. I guess this will be my last google branded phone. 

  • Ernandes13

    N1 + ICS NOW!!!

  • Dream

    You know how they said any phone capable of running 2.3 would run ics just fine? Guess what, Desire runs it great. They just don’t want to invest time and money on the update or they weren’t saying the truth there. They have the right to not port it if they choose so, of course, but i’d rather hear the truth.

  • Magesh

    Not fair. I got the phone this July only.(no contract phone for Indian use) I really like it . I’m keeping my money on xda to help people like me.. I would prefer ICS in my N1.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a Nexus One user.  I think it’s nonsense.  By saying it’s too old, they are admitting they gimped the original hardware specs to begin with so that the phone would be outdated within 18 months of it launching.  Meanwhile, Apple launched the 3GS, 6 months before the N1 and it’s getting iOS5.

    I think ICS would run fine on the N1 and if guys like Cyanogen or XDA can do it, why can’t a multi-billion dollar corporation with a deep talent pool?

    This sets a terrible precedent for the OEMs.  With Google not updating the N1, you can bet that hardly any handsets will be upgraded to ICS.  The GSII might get ICS, but I’m skeptical that the GS will, for example.

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  • Cristiano Silveira

    I trust in Cyanogen. 🙂

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