Ludei’s Sumon becomes first game to be simultaneously launched on Android, iOS, and HTML 5

Ludei’s Sumon becomes first game to be simultaneously launched on Android, iOS, and HTML 5

Ludei has become the first developer to launch a game simultaneously on Android, iOS, and HTML 5. Launching your game on these three platforms is certainly the way of the future and some developers have ported their games to all three, just not simultaneously. Pretty soon, the days of exclusivity among platforms may be extinct. I, for one, am a supporter of a future where I can play my favorite games across multiple platforms at my leisure.

Ludei’s Sumon is a brain & puzzle game allowing users of all ages to have some fun with math. The object is to to tap the numbered boxes and put them together until they add up to the correct sum, all while racing against time. There are three gameplay modes: classic, progressive and respawn. Become a methodical math master by working your way up the levels for a truly challenging experience.

The launch of Sumon on multiple platforms marks the beginning of the future of gaming. Soon you won’t have to worry about when “this game” or “that game” will be available on a specific platform, it’ll just launch and be ready to play. Congrats on achieving a first Ludei! Sumon is free and available in the Android Market. Follow the link below to get your math on!


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