HTC does it again, record Q3 earnings thanks to Android

HTC does it again, record Q3 earnings thanks to Android

HTC is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. HTC phones feature amazing build-quality along with top-notch software and hardware. We reported HTC’s Q1 earnings a long time ago where we were shocked by their amazing performance, recording an almost 200% growth in revenue (thanks to Android).

Now HTC is back again with their third quarter earnings, and they are better than ever; 68% growth compared to Q3 2010 and 93% increased in shipping over the year, where they shipped almost 13.2 million devices. HTC’s total income is NT$18.68 billion (about $624.6 million) in Q3 2011, and it’s 7% better than HTC’s previous quarter which happened to be a “record profit quarter.”

I think this is amazing news for HTC as well as all HTC fans out there. If HTC continues to rock the smartphone market, they’re bound to remain one of the largest smartphone brands in the world. Do you own an HTC device? Share your experience with HTC in the comment box below.

Source: Engadget

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  1. DRAPicard
    October 31, 18:38 Reply

    Honestly, I am not overly impressed with HTC.
    I do agree their phones are built well, but HTC Sense is “just another skin” to me.
    I have been rocking the Thunderbolt for the past year and am already looking forward to getting the Galaxy Nexus or Droid Razr or the HTC Vigor/Rezound/Whatever.
    So don’t get me wrong, I think my Thunderbolt is a very nice device, but I am definitely not a googly-eyed HTC fanboy over it.  There are still some issues with it.

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