HTC Rezound features wireless charging, gets a hands-on

HTC Rezound features wireless charging, gets a hands-on

We know a lot about the HTC Rezound, previously named Vigor, but this feature is definitely the coolest. The Rezound may be your average superphone, utilizing a 1.5GHz dual core, 1GB of RAM and a 720p display, but it’s the first smartphone not running WebOS to use wireless charging, comparable to the workings of Touchstone. I guess the picture says enough.

On top of this, we’ve got an unboxing video and some additional information to show you.

Someone going by the name of Worldofjohnboy (but you may call him John) owns a pre-production sample of the HTC Rezound and he’s done an unboxing video. Before we treat you with some unboxing love, here’s the confirmed and final specs of this phone:

  • Android 2.3.4
  • HTC Sense 3.5
  • Software # 1.02.605.1
  • PRI Ver. 1.12_002, 1.83_002
  • PRL Ver. 52498
  • ERI Version 5
  • Hardware:
  • Version 002
  • Processor 1.5 GHz dualcore
  • Memory 1GB (16GB SD card pre-installed)
  • Display 4.3″ 720p Resolution
  • Main Camera 8MP w/dual LED flash
  • Front Camera 2MP
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 3.0

So, here’s the video:


So, what do you think? Will this be your next phone or would you rather have the Galaxy Nexus?

Source: WirelessGoodness, Droidforums

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    Um, there are a few Android phones that have wireless charging, like the Droid incredible 2 I’m writing this on.

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