Kickstarter project aims to create personalized “Androidify Me” stickers

A new Kicktsarter project just got underway which seeks to make it so that Android fans can order personalized Androidify Me stickers.  It’s a simple premise, really, and one that we’re surprised hasn’t happened already.  All you gotta do is create your Android-based icon in Androidify and send it off to have it printed.  Somewhere between five and ten days later, they arrive in your mailbox!

Admit it, these things would look fantastic on the back of your Android tablet or netbook.  The individually printed stickers are roughly four inches tall and feature a white border.

How can I help?

The creators of the Kickstarter project have all but one final, important piece of equipment to help make this a reality.  So, if you want to see this  idea come to fruition, reach into your wallet and cough up a couple of bucks!  Donations can range from as low as $5 on up to the $150 Developer Pack.  Not only will you help to raise the needed $4550.00 for the printing equipment, but you’ll also earn various rewards in the process.

Androidify Me