ZOMM keeps track of your phone, keys, other valuables

Face it, after spending $150-$200 on a smartphone and signing a two-year agreement, the last thing you want to do is lose that Photon 4G or Droid Bionic.  Considering all the places we take our handsets, we  make it all too easy to leave it lying on the restaurant table or at a buddy’s house.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a buddy remind you that you’re headed down the street without your beloved Android phone?  I present you with ZOMM, that very helpful fella who always has your back.

ZOMM is keychain-sized, connects to any phone via Bluetooth, and provides a number of functions.  Yes, it alerts you whenever you get much more than 30 feet away from your paired device, but it’s much more functional.  There’s a speakerphone tucked neatly in the middle of the ZOOM which gives around 2 hours of talktime, depending on how often you’re using that feature.  There’s also a handy panic alert that one can press (hold for 9 seconds) for an ear-piercing shriek to ward of would-be attackers or evil-doers.  What’s more, if you continue to hold the button down, it will automatically dial emergency services, even playing pre-recorded messages.

Thanks to the full two-way pairing of Bluetooth, the ZOMM can operate in many of the same ways a handsfree headset might work.  A bright indicator light, vibration, and audible tone alert of income calls where one push of the center button will connect you with the caller.  Press it twice and calls are sent to voice mail.

The ZOMM also pulls double-duty as a GPS-based keychain, making sure you never leave those keys in the wrong spot.  Should you forget your purse in the back of a taxi, you can locate the exact coordinates of the device and see right where it’s at.  The free Android application makes it a breeze to set different modes for your device, toggling notifications, wireless leash, and more.

I’ve spent a few weeks using a ZOMM with my keys and found that it’s a nice, unobtrusive way to keep my keys and phone together.  The micro-USB charger is nice and convenient as I have a ton of these cords lying around the house. I simply charge my ZOMM once every 2-3 days and forget about it.  The only thing that I have to concern myself with are those times when I leave without my keys.  The first few instances of leaving the house on foot or bicycle, I had calls from my wife asking what the alarm noise was and how to turn it off.  Other than my forgetfulness, I love it!


My wife likes the security and peace of mind that comes with having this on her keys as she spends a lot of time on college campus.  Since her keys are always in her hand, there’s also an insanely loud alarm ready to go off should she need it.  The quality of the speakerphone is average however I have not found myself using it all too often.  Given that my keys and phone are generally in the same place, it’s just as easy to take the call on the handset’s speakerphone.  Depending on when you check, you’ll find a ZOMM for anywhere between $75-100, in either black, white, and pink versions.  These would make a great gift this holiday season for that forgetful friend.

More information on the ZOMM can be found on AndroidGals.