Ballistic HC protects your EVO 4G, doubles thickness in process

Ballistic HC protects your EVO 4G, doubles thickness in process

[dropcap_1] N [/dropcap_1] eed to protect your HTC EVO 4G, no matter what the cost?  You might want to check out the Ballistic HC, a rugged, beefy, thick case that promises 5 layers of protection.  Before going any further I will tell you that this thing bulks your device up to more than twice its normal size.  If you’re tuning out now, I completely understand.  For those still reading, you’ll love this thing.

I took the Ballistic HC with me to the BigAndroidBBq in early October where it drew the attention of a number of attendees.  Often mistaking my phone for some sort of ruggedized, military-grade mini-tablet, it would usually surprise folks to learn that there was an EVO 4G hiding inside.  For some, it was far too thick and heavy, but for others it was the perfect amount of protection.

The holster hides the handset's face, adding one more level of protection.

I simply love the rubberized grip that surrounds the fourth(?) layer of the Ballistic HC…once I was accustomed to the size. Thanks to the way the design spaced things out along the edges, it felt natural grabbing the phone with all the added protection. I also came to appreciate the way in which the holster snapped the phone in, protecting the display instead of facing it outward.  What’s more, the holster works with or without the rubber grip, giving users a bit of flexibility.

Putting the case on was as easy as any other similar product (Otterbox, Trident, etc) and things stayed in place quite well.  Considering how tightly packed everything was when all set up, I was pleased at how simple it was to remove when done.  I’ve run into other cases that seemed destined to stay on forever, but this was not the case with this, well… case.

When it comes to testing out the protection, I was able to successfully drop my EVO 4G from heights ranging from 6-inches to more than 4-feet.  It got continually scarier, but I found that it could fall from my hip onto the driveway without messing up the phone.


One drawback that I found with the Ballistic HC was that it was not always easy for me to drag down the notification bar on my Android display.  Edges presented a bit of a problem in apps, making games like WordFeud challenging for placing tiles.  For some reason, this did not happen 100% of the time, so your results may vary.  At first I thought it might have been a result of the screen protector however I found that removing it did not affect the performance.  Another feature that could use just a bit of extra attention is the kickstand on the back.  Whereas it was able to lock and unlock quite easily, I found that it felt a tad bit too cheap for my tastes.  However, since I don’t spend all that much time with the phone in landscape mode, it didn’t factor too much.

Generally speaking, this type of case is perfect for construction workers, plumbers, or people who spend a majority of their day outside.  Those who tend to bump their phone up against things, accident-prone types, and overprotective/cautious users will come to appreciate the rugged, secure feel of the Ballistic HC.

The last I checked, the manufacturers of the Ballistic HC were out of stock for the case, charging $49.99 per unit.  If you’re looking for a lower price alternative, I would recommend heading to Amazon.  As of press time, I found them ranging from around $25 on up, or half the cost.  For $50 I would definitely think long and hard about picking one up, but $25 is a no-brainer.  Although I had the black and grey model, I also noticed a very sharp-looking red and black model.  What’s more, there are a number of Ballistic models available for many other Android smartphones.


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