Motorola polls 1,000 prosumers on mobile security (Infographic)

Quick question: Which would you rather share – your toothbrush or your smartphone?  Interesting… Okay, here’s another one.  Which do you know better – your company’s IT policies or your credit card terms?  You see where we are going with this, don’t you?  The sad fact is, many people don’t realize just how unprepared they are when it comes to keeping data safe and secure, especially that all-important work stuff.

Motorola Mobility recently surveyed 1,000 prosumers who use their smartphones for both work and personal matters to see how “in the know” they were.  The results were rather staggering; most admit to engaging in risky behaviors despite knowing the threats. Thankfully, and certainly not coincidentally, Motorola has a number of business-ready devices to help bring some peace of mind to the work place.

News – Smartphone user survey reveals priority of toothbrush, smartphone in daily lives

It turns out IT departments have good reason to second guess whether or not they allow employees to bring their own devices to work.  Motorola Mobility recently surveyed 1, 000 prosumers that use their smartphone for work and personal uses to explore attitudes and habits about smartphone security. The survey found that there is a significant mismatch between prosumers’ awareness of mobile data security risks and the precautions they take, whether or not their smartphone is company- or self-provisioned.

Among the survey’s key findings:  2 out 3 people realize that the responsibility falls on them, rather than the IT department, to keep mobile data private and secure.  73% of respondents said they are concerned about smartphone security; in fact, a quarter of them would rather share a toothbrush than their phone. Despite the high-awareness level of prosumers, they continue to engage in risky business. The survey also found that prosumers:

  • Store sensitive data on phones: 34% store  sensitive data such as their bank account information or work email passwords on their phones
  • “Work around” company mobile policy: 55% admit they’ve sent work email or documents to their personal email accounts on their phones
  • Chose  convenience: 48% have used their devices to log into an unsecure wireless network
  • Just aren’t that worried: 77% can name at least one thing they’re more familiar with than their company’s IT security policies (67% credit card terms, 57% health insurance policy, and even 33% are more familiar with their home appliance manuals)

IT departments may be anticipating an influx of new employee devices during and after the holiday season, especially Google Android devices that are rapidly rising in popularity with consumers. Motorola Mobility has created a platform of security, productivity and device management features that are built-in to its most popular consumer devices that enable them to deliver enterprise-grade security and functionality.  The Business Ready platform bridges the gap between what consumers purchase smartphones for and how they actually use them, making it easier for IT to manage and trust the devices. If you would like to learn more about Business Ready smartphones from Motorola Mobility, please visit here.

Motorola Mobility is also meeting enterprise IT needs for device management with solutions from 3LM, a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility, which publicly rolled out its solution at Fall CTIA