New Android Market being pushed out, includes WiFi-only updates, auto shortcuts, and more…

New Android Market being pushed out, includes WiFi-only updates, auto shortcuts, and more…

A new version of the Android market is currently being pushed out, bearing the mark 3.3.11, and it includes some pretty cool new features. While the latest and greatest capabilities aren’t necessarily in the forefront of the new Market, the cool stuff shows up behind the scenes. Stuff like:

  • Options to auto-update instead of having to choose updates one by one
  • Updating over WiFi only
  • Automatically add shortcuts to home screen for new apps

Sounds pretty cool, if you ask us. We should also mention some seriously back-end stuff, such as new mentions of open source licensing, as well as some just-found possibilities of PayPal in the code. If you haven’t gotten the latest version and are finding yourself doing the impatience dance to get it, you can find it here or here. (Note: we can’t guarantee how long these mirrors will stay up, so get yours soon)

Source: Android Central | Mirrors: Android Police

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  1. Rocktoonz
    November 02, 17:01 Reply

    The last thing I want to see when I open my ANDROID market is a big picture of Steve Jobs.  Booooo.

  2. SGPMan
    November 02, 17:13 Reply

    Have they finally added a way to search for programs that are developed specifically for Android tablets?

  3. coke
    March 30, 18:19 Reply

    what does it mean when you search something on the market and it says the price i.e free or paid and it says wifi beside it?

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