Signs of Paypal found inside new Android Market

Signs of Paypal found inside new Android Market

A new version (3.3.11) of the Android Market has found itself leaked online this week, adding a couple of new and noteworthy features.  Chief among the details are the ability to toggle update settings (only over Wi-Fi) as well as a new icon, smaller fonts, and more obvious ratings.  Oh and then there’s this thing about Paypal integration being tucked away.

One of our readers, Victor, took it upon himself to look deeper into the new Android Market .APK file to see he might stumble up.  Lo and behold, he came across multiple references to Paypal.  You can see said references in the image just below this post.

We’ve been hearing for a very long time that Paypal integration would be finding a way into the Android Market. After more than a year of waiting, it looks like we’re soon about to get this much-anticipated feature!


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  1. Jay
    November 02, 13:24 Reply

    Paypal references have been in the market code for many months. This is nothing new.

  2. Mahesh
    November 02, 13:26 Reply

    Wow you guys are amazing :) 

  3. mannuforall
    November 03, 03:47 Reply

    Its nice to have paypal as payment options, great move. 

  4. linuxfreak
    November 03, 07:49 Reply

    Ebay wants Paypal in Googles Android but won’t let Googles Checkout in Ebay! And twice Google was defeated over getting into Ebay. I hope Google says if your in Android, we are in Ebay or no deal.

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