GameStop tablets available now, bundled with six games

Retail gaming outlet GameStop has begun selling their first three Android tablets which have been retro-fitted and accessorized as gaming tablets.  Hoping to wedge themselves in between devices like the iPad, Sony PSP, and the Nintendo DS series, GameStop is making it a point to identify these as more than just traditional Android tablets.  To do so, the gaming company is bundling seven titles with each product as well as offering a wireless game controller for an additional $39.

In an earlier and somewhat related move, GameStop acquired the gaming website/service Kongregate last year. It would not surprise us to see these tablets come loaded with the game portal, putting the content front and center.

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The six bundled games include:

  1. Dead Space
  2. Monster Madness
  3. Sonic CD
  4. Cordy
  5. Riptide GP
  6. Re-Load

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