After 25K downloads, My Diet Coach goes Pro [PRESS RELEASE]

[] Tel-Aviv, Israel –  Following the success of My Diet Coach, which surpassed the 25,000 downloads mark on Google’s Android Market, developer Anat Levy has just released My Diet Coach Pro. The lifestyle app gives health conscious users more of what they love, as well as the extra features they’ve been waiting for.

My Diet Coach Pro includes motivational weight-loss tips for every type of challenge, extensive weight-loss reminders and motivational suggestions, a diet dairy where users can add their own diet and exercise plans, a meal and exercise journal, weight records and charts, calorie counters and calculators, all wrapped in a professionally designed app.

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight or maintain a diet plan knows that it’s no easy task. One of the biggest success factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is positive reinforcement. That is exactly where My Diet Coach comes in; the app lets its users benefit from perseverance tips that help users easily break through diet difficulties and stay motivated (for example: emotional eating, exercise laziness and food cravings) and a set of reminders that also helps breaking unhealthy eating patterns. For example, those suffering from repeating food cravings can set a reminder to help them get through it with motivational visuals and helpful tips.

Developer Anat Levy, developed My Diet Coach while on maternity leave. After realizing that counting calories is only a part of maintaining a diet challenge, she searched the Android Market for various diet app solutions that will help her get through mental and emotional difficulties. That’s when she discovered that in order to have everything she needed to motivate herself, plan her eating habits and track her progress, she would have to develop it herself. As user demand grew, she felt there was a need for pro features. My Diet Coach Pro is the result of several months of development from user feedback.

My Diet Coach Pro is available now on the Android Market and includes an in-app purchase for extra features.

Free features:

  • Perseverance weight loss tips for various challenges
  • Weight loss related Reminders
  • Motivational Aids : motivational photos, food cravings stopwatch, goal setting

Paid features:

  • Diet planner
  • Diet Journal
  • Weight tracking and weight chart

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