Android extends lead as top smartphone platform in U.S.

Android extends lead as top smartphone platform in U.S.

The latest stats from ComScore are out and, as one might expect, Android has continued to grow its lead over other mobile platforms.  Increasing by nearly 5 points (4.6) over the previous quarter and now commands 44.8 percent of the U.S. smartphone market.  Apple, growing slightly at 0.8 point, remains in second place (27.4 percent) well ahead of RIM’s 18.9 percent market share.

It’s interesting to note that Android’s growth over the quarter is exactly the same amount that RIM lost. Are people literally jumping from one ship to another or is that just a coincidental figure?  As for

In terms of which handset makers are doing well, Samsung leads all at 25.3 however their growth remained flat.  LG comes in second at 20.6 percent, followed by Motorola at 13.8 percent.




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  1. Andy
    November 07, 17:45 Reply

    “Are people literally jumping from one ship to another or is that just a coincidental figure?”

    I’d say entirely coincidental :)  Every comscore survey shows huge smartphone user growth and shrinking share for RIM & MS, therefore Android and Apple growth contains both new users and ship-jumpers – and its impossible to say how many of each type.  My personal theory is that Android is capturing most of the people upgrading from dumbphones while Apple is capturing most of the ship-jumpers.

     Sep 2010: 58.7 Million phones @ 21.4% Android = 12.6 M androids
     Sep 2011: 87.4 Million phones @ 44.8% Android = 39.2 M androids

    Change: 28.7 M more smartphones, 26.6 M more Androids :)

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