AndroidGuys is now on Google+, come check us out and add us to your circles

AndroidGuys is now on Google+, come check us out and add us to your circles

By now you may have heard about the new Google+ Pages. Google+ Pages is a way for businesses and brands to connect with its customers through Google+. We knew this day was coming and it’s been implemented quite well, especially with the inclusion of the new Google+ Direct Connect:


You’re going to start seeing a bunch of your favorite brands popping up in Google+ and we’re happy to announce that your favorite Android site has joined in on the fun and can be found here: AndroidGuys Google+

With our Google+ Page, we plan on bringing you the top stories but will refrain from bombarding your streams with every little post (subscribe to our RSS for that). The AndroidGuys Google+ page will try to remain in the spirit of Google+ by interacting on a more personal, conversational level — so feel free to share suggestions with us.Many fun and interesting Google+ moments are coming so be sure to add us to your “Best Damn Android Sites” circle to stay up-to-date with what we’re doing.

While your perusing through all the new Google+ Pages don’t forget to add your favorite little green guy and the reason why we’re all here. The one, the only — Android.

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