Atari releases Greatest Hits game pack for Android


Atari announced over the weekend that they had released a Greatest Hits pack for Android, dropping 100 classic titles in the Market.  Retro gamers will have the option to pick up one of 25 game bundles at a rate of 99¢ or the entire pack at a discounted $9.99 rate.  The “Greatest Hits” title itself is free for 2.2 and Android above and comes with Missile Command.  We checked it against a number of our devices and found it works for phones and tablets alike.

If you’re like us, you’re in your mid-30’s and and have strong memories of some of these games .  We’re not even going to bother with the small 99¢ packs; we’re jumping straight to the full Monty.  Who else could pass up the opportunity to grab faves such as Centipede, Asteroids, Tempest, Pong, Super Breakout, and a ton of others for a ten spot?


Via: Engadget

[spoiler show=”Show press release”]ATARI LAUNCHES ITS GREATEST HITS APP FOR ANDROIDThe #1 Selling iTunes App Expands into the Global Android Marketplace

Los Angeles, CA – November 4, 2011 – Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, today announced the availability of Atari’s Greatest Hits for Android Marketplace.

Launched only a few months ago for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Atari’s Greatest Hits has already exceeded 3.5 million downloads in the iTunes App Store. Android smart phone and tablet owners can now download the App to receive Missile Command for FREE, and get access to a vast catalog of 100 classic Atari games. This extensive collection pays homage to each of the originals and was designed to mimic the gameplay Atari fans remember from 30 years ago.

“The #1 selling Atari’s Greatest Hits continues to expand its reach to new operating systems, devices and territories,” said Jim Wilson, CEO of Atari. “It exemplifies our company goals as we shift our core focus towards delivering casual gaming experiences through mobile and social platforms.”

Players can purchase 25 separate game packs for $0.99 each or buy all 100 games for a discounted price of $9.99.

Game packs include:

Centipede, Asteroids, Tempest, Battlezone, Black Widow, Crystal Castles, Gravitar, Star Raiders, Pong, Lunar, Lander, Super Breakout, Major Havoc, Warlords, Adventure, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Fatal Run, Quadrun, Casino, Swordquest, Championship Soccer, Football, Realsports Basketball, Realsports Football, Super Breakout 2600 and Hangman.



Game Packs


Asteroids PK
2.Asteroids Deluxe
3.Asteroids 2600
4.Canyon Bomber – MP

Battlezone PK
2.Red Baron
3.Air-Sea Battle – MP
4.Submarine Commander

Centipede PK
3.Centipede 2600
4.Millipede 2600

Black Widow PK
1.Black Widow
2.Space Duel – MP
3.Desert Falcon
4.Space War

Crystal Castles PK
1.Crystal Castles
2.Crystal Castles 2600
3.Surround – MP
4.Maze Craze

Gravitar PK
2.Gravitar 2600
3.Radar Lock
4.Demons to Diamonds – MP

Star Raiders PK
1.Star Raiders
3.Star Ship – MP
4.Human Cannonball

Pong PK
2.Pong – MP
3.Missile Command 2600
4.Fun with Numbers
5.Flag Capture MP

Lunar Lander PK
1.Lunar Lander
2.Sky Diver MP
3.Video Pinball
4.Code Breaker

Super Breakout PK
1.Super Breakout
2.Breakout MP
4.Circus Atari MP

Tempest PK
2.Tempest 2600
4.Atari Video Cube

Major Havoc PK
1.Major Havoc
2.Secret Quest
4.Yars’ Revenge

Warlords PK
1.Warlords MP
2.Warlords 2600
3.Combat MP
4.Combat 2 MP

Adventure PK
2.Haunted House
3.Return to Haunted House
4.Save Mary

3D Tic-Tac-Toe PK
1.3D Tic-Tac-Toe
2.A Game of Concentration
4.Brain Games

Fatal Run PK
1.Fatal Run
2.Dodge ‘Em
3.Night Driver
4.Street Racer – MP

Quadrun PK
2.Slot Racers – MP
3.Stellar Track
4.Math Grand Prix

Casino PK
1.Casino MP
2.Slot Machine
3.Video Checkers
4.Video Chess

Swordquest PK
1.Swordquest Earthworld
2.Swordquest Fireworld
3.Swordquest Waterworld

Championship Soccer PK
1.Championship Soccer MP
3.Double Dunk

Football PK
1.Football MP
2.Home Run
3.Miniature Golf

Realsports Basketball PK
1.Realsports Basketball mp
2.Realsports Boxing mp
3.Realsports Tennis mp
4.Realsports Baseball mp

Realsports Football PK
1.Realsports Football mp
2.Realsports Soccer mp
3.Realsports Volleyball mp
4.Video Olympics MP

Super Breakout 2600
1.Super Breakout 2600
2.Battlezone 2600
3.Super Baseball
4.Super Football

Hangman PK
2.Black Jack


  1. […] Leider gehen die Bewertungen ziemlich auseinander, die eine Hälfte gibt für das Paket 5 Sterne und die Andere gibt nur 1 Stern als Bewertung ab. Insgesamt gibt es 100 Spiele innerhalb der App, wobei hier jedes Spiele-Pack 99 Dollar-Cent kostet. Kaufen könnt ihr die Spiele innerhalb dieser App, welche ihr kostenlos im Market herunterladen könnt. Mit dem Download erhaltet ihr das erste Spiel “Missile Command” kostenlos dazu. (via) […]

  2. So far the ratings in marketplace are not promising… lots of people having their $10 eaten but not getting the unload.  For some reason it also won’t download onto my Tab (says I don’t have enough storage space but I have tons free)

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