Samsung Galaxy Nexus delayed in the UK?

Recently we reported that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Nexus in the UK early November via Clove UK, but now, it seems the launch will be a little delayed. Originally, it was scheduled for November 17 and now it seems it may launch next month as Amazon UK has changed the launch date on their site to December 2nd. There hasn’t been any official announcement of a release change from Samsung or UK carriers but one has to wonder whether or not the Amazon change is specific to just Amazon? It’s certainly raising eyebrows overseas and since the US launch date is also rumored to be Nov. 17, we’re going to try and remain optimistic that the delay does not pertain toVerizon’s exclusive launch — even though, technically it can’t be considered a delay since an official US launch date has not been given (but you get what I’m trying to say).

Everything is up in the air right now, including the US launch date and it’s driving Android fans crazy. Let’s hope we get some clarity on the subject soon because there are a lot of Android users out there trying to decide on what their next device will be. This industry moves fast and if the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t come out soon… users may end up holding out for the next “big” thing — which is sure to be right around the corner. Would further delay of the Galaxy Nexus launch cause you to rethink your decision to purchase the device? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    Botched, no two ways around it

  • Garth

    Three claimed today that the 17th is still the release date.

    maybe  they are restricting SIM free and just supplying contract phones?

    phones4u have said to me that getting a SIM free phone may be hard if all there stock is pre-ordered on contract.

  • I probably can’t afford a new phone until February anyway, so I’ll wait and see what the current big thing is then. The GNex is my current plan.

    Even though *I* can’t buy it right now, I have convinced several friends to wait for it, so I’m as anxious as the rest of you. I don’t want to be seen as having let them down.

  • PGrGr

    Would further delay of the Galaxy Nexus launch cause you to rethink your decision to purchase the device?
    In a word, yes. I’m in the UK, and I think very shortly, there will be other similarly or better specced phones as this, and the Galaxy S2. I’m already tempted to wait. If the HTC Rezound was released in the UK I’d probably get one of those and just bide my time for the ICS upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      i keep saying to myself, i need to get the nexus, but im more inclined to get the s2, it is a better phone i think but it doesnt have ice cream sandwich, and to say it wont be ready until next yr is pure pish.

  • They are dragging this Nexus official release date like a bunch of little bitches ! Its Nov. 9th already

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been pretty darn pissed that Verizon won’t even announce the release date for the Galaxy Nexus.

    I’m guessing this is probably because they realize that every few weeks they’re releasing a newer, better phone, and if they give us the info on the next phone before the one they’re currently getting ready for, we won’t by the current one. For example, the RAZR is coming out on the 11th, so we probably won’t hear anything about the Nexus until next week at the earliest.

    Screw you, Verizon. I’m not even a customer yet and I’m already unhappy with you.

    I’m also annoyed that by the time I’m able to buy the Galaxy Nexus, they’ll have ended their “double the data” promotion. Verizon has pretty bad data caps without that…

    • I think Verizon is also the reason ASUS Transformer Prime is backed up and without ICS. VZ probably has exclusivity on the phone and the OS for a while. Sucks.

      Exclusivity: good for a handful of corporations, bad for customers.

  • Duncan Booth

    I wouldn’t read too much into this. I pre-ordered a Galaxy Tab from Amazon last year, and on the day it was supposed to be delivered they emailed me saying it was delayed by 3 to 6 weeks. I cancelled my order and on the same day walked into the nearest CPW store and bought one off the shelf.
    I suspect Amazon list these things based on publicised release dates and prices before they have themselves worked out where or whether they can get stock.

  • pb

    same for FR, SFR offically announced it for  december 2nd 🙁

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  • TechGuy-Tech

    After reading all the reviews of both the Note and the Nexus, I have decided I would rather have the Note now and wait for it to get ICS once initial bugs are sorted. It can’t be a coincidence that The Asus Prime release has also been pushed back and will NOT now come with ICS as originally reported although it, along with the Transformer will get an ICS upgrade in due course.

    One lost sale for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but at least the alternative is also a Samsung. I feel sorry for US customers who can’t get the Note – it seems amazingly popular both in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

  • Anonymous

    i spoke to o2 the other day and they say it will be the last week in November for them

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  • Postal Jim

    Samsung delaying a release?  Really?  You gotta be kidding me!!! Next thing you know there will be rumors of another iPhone!