SE Xperia ST25i & LT28AT spotted on Picasa, taking pictures in the office?

We haven’t heard much from Sony Ericsson lately, aside from Sony buying out Ericsson’s share of the company. The photos you see above and below aren’t all that special upon first glance. They were uploaded to Picasa by an unknown user, and as you can tell they’re nothing to be amazed by. The importance of the photos lies in what they were taken with: two SE devices, bearing the model numbers of ST25i and LT28AT. Keep in mind that the Nozomi (aka the LT26i) is nearing a launch, so these devices may or may not be different versions.

Literally nothing else is known about the LT28AT and the ST25i at this point, except that whoever owns them apparently likes to take spontaneous office pictures.

We’ll try to do some digging and uncover more about these mystery devices. In the meantime, are you excited about the Nozomi? Or are you sticking with another SE phone, waiting for the promised ICS update? Sound off in the comments below!

Source PocketDroid