Multi-touch for SwiftKey X moves out of Alpha, latest Beta version now available to VIP members

Multi-touch for SwiftKey X moves out of Alpha, latest Beta version now available to VIP members

You might remember us telling you about the alpha release of SwiftKey x, which was being tested out by VIP members. The alpha version included the much anticipated multi-touch functionality, and apparently the testing went well, because they have now bumped it up to beta and are releasing it to VIP members. Much more has been improved in these beta versions and SwiftKey X users should start getting excited. Although only available to VIP members at the moment, it seems to be rolling along smoothly which means a market update may be coming soon.

The new beta version feature several improvements over the Market version:


  • Multi-touch
  • Adjustable key height (separate for portrait & landscape)
  • Dvorak & Colemak layouts
  • Arabic & Hebrew support
  • Improvements:

  • Improved typing heatmap.
  • Alternative character selection improvements – including a return to tap-to-select smileys
  • Subtle UI changes to make the application feel more seamless
  • Added a “Try again later” for personalization if servers are busy
  • Our Fluency engine is now faster, more memory efficient, and more storage efficient

Enjoy the improvements guys, and hopefully they’ll be in the market soon. To join the VIP forums and find out more about SwiftKey X hit the link below.

SwiftKey VIP Forum

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  1. Faith Hernandez
    November 13, 20:47 Reply

    Is Swiftkey X available for Android phones only? Or Windows phone, because the fonts used look like it came from a Windows phone.

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