HURRY: Quickoffice Pro FREE from Amazon App Store


Amazon is one of my personal favorite companies, and I really love their offerings, especially the “Free App of the Day” deal. Perhaps one of the only reasons some of you still use the alternative to the Android Market, it occasionally features a stellar deal.  Such is the case with today as QuickOffice Pro is being offered at no cost.  Even if you don’t really need Office application for yourself today, at least download the app and sit on it until you do need one.

The application literally turns your smartphone into a mobile office. The app comes can view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. There is also PDF viewer, you can share files and also can remotely. The actual price of the application in Android Market is $14.99 so if you want to save some good money and looking forward to a good app to view Office documents, then this is a perfect application. 

So anyone downloading it today? You better be hurry because you got only half a day left!

Source: Phandroid


  1. I check the Amazon App store every morning when I wake up. Got this immediately for my X2 even though it comes with the lesser Quickoffice. I already have Thinkfree Office from my LG Vortex droid, but having this ensures I should be able to carry it from Droid to Droid when I upgrade.