Galaxy Nexus up for pre-order at Three UK, price and release date revealed


Nowadays, the hot topic in the Android World is Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as the Galaxy Nexus, which is the first ever phone to run the latest Android OS. In USA, Verizon will be launching the Galaxy Nexus exclusively, and Bell will launch it exclusively in Canada. Over in the UK, it seems ThreeUK will be releasing the Galaxy Nexus after O2UK, as they just put the Galaxy Nexus up for pre-order, and they are planning to launch it on November 22nd. They will be offering the device for free with a selected plan (£34) and a 2-yr contract with unlimited mobile data, or you can get it for £499 without any contract. Anyway, if you live in the UK and want a Three UK Galaxy Nexus, then you better hurry and pre-order the device to get it on time.

Source: ThreeUK


    • That’s a horrible way to figure prices as it’s never a straight conversion.

      The Nintendo 3DS retailed in japan for ¥25,000 which comes out to 322 dollars and as we all know, the 3DS when it hit the US was 249.

      The Nexus S was 429 Euros which comes out to 593.00 dollars when in reality when the Nexus S hit (not the Nexus S 4g, but just the regular one) it was 529.00

      I expect the GSM version of this phone to sell anywhere form 529 (as the first two did) to 600, while the LTE version will be anywhere from 650 and under.