T-Mobile announces Magenta Saturday for November 19th


T-Mobile, wanting to get out in front of Black Friday shoppers, has announced a counter-offensive today with their Magenta Saturday promotion.  Basically it works like this – come this Saturday (November 19) , new and current qualified customers can walk out of T-Mobile store with any smartphone or select mobile broadband device (two tablets!) for a net down payment of $49.99 (U.S.) or less after a mail-in rebate card.  Yeah, less as in free!

New customers must sign up for a qualifying two-year agreement on any Unlimited Value plan with 2GB or higher of full-speed data while existing customers can take advantage of the offer if they are eligible for upgrade (18 months tenure or greater) and switch from a Classic to an eligible Value plan.

Magenta Saturday






  1. Read the small print, it’s money down and says 20 monthly payments at $XX. Ex…Galaxy II costs $49.99 down instead of $199.99 down, and is $20 monthly for payment of a total of $599.99 and has a $150 rebate. Yeah sounds good till I read the bottom of the page on T-Mobiles site.

  2. You’re still paying only $70 a month compared to around $100 with Verizon and ATT. It’s still a good deal, just not a too good to be true deal.