Proxama unveils MasterCard NFC mobile payment reference kit

Earlier this week, Proxama unveiled their MasterCard NFC mobile payment reference kit to help companies better understand the technology behind NFC payments.  Shown off at  the Cartes convention in Paris, Proxama‘s kit consists of a Samsung Galaxy S phone loaded with a special version of Proxama’s NFC mobile wallet software, as well as various MasterCards, and terminal simulator software with a contactless card reader.

The aim here is to learn what sort of development is needed to make sure a retailer is ready to accept NFC payments.  Moreover, it allows companies to show the technology to shareholders and business suits so that they can determine how viable NFC is for their organization.


Proxama launches new MasterCard NFC mobile payment reference kit

Leading provider of mobile wallet technology, Proxama, will be unveiling its MasterCard NFC mobile contactless payment reference kit, at the Cartes conference in Paris later this week.

The kit will enable organisations to run a number of different payment option tests to view typical user payment journeys, understand how a payment application behaves and test compatibility. Users of the kit will be able to test variants of payments procedures, to include the different levels of payment authentication that can be employed such as ‘Always require PIN’ and ‘Pre-transaction verification’.

The reference kit consists of a Samsung Galaxy S phone pre-installed with a special version of Proxama’s NFC mobile wallet software, five card profiles each representing one of MasterCard’s (inc. Maestro) most popular worldwide card products and MasterCard’s terminal simulator software with a contactless card reader. It will be available for purchase by any MasterCard member or technology partner who wishes test the interaction between an NFC handset and a payment terminal.

James Anderson, senior vice president of mobile and emerging payments, MasterCard, said: “During 2011, MasterCard deployed Mobile PayPass commercially in multiple markets.  We see high levels of activity going forward and want to support our partners with practical assistance to accelerate their plans and continue to deliver great consumer and merchant experiences.  The reference kit that has been developed by Proxama is a valuable tool to support the testing and visualization of mobile payments solutions”.

Companies using the kit will be able to establish exactly what development requirements they need to employ to be ready for market and to demonstrate to internal stakeholders the value of NFC contactless payments.

Neil Garner, CEO, Proxama says: “Everyone knows that NFC payments are coming but, up until now, have had no way of visualizing or testing it. With our unique kit, vendors and card issuers will now be able to see for themselves how NFC contactless payments will impact on their customers and what they will need to do to make the most of this new transactional interaction.

“Having the MasterCard applets in the kit means that users will have the confidence that they are running tests with products that are being used worldwide from a global payments leader. Being able to visualize the mobile payment experience will help business strategists and cards teams to drive the business discussions internally with stakeholders and senior management. This cost-effective solution is one that we will be showcasing at Cartes, which will, I’m sure, spark a number of interesting discussions.”

When using the kit with one of the cards installed, an image of the card itself will be displayed on-screen and users will be able to tap the handset to rotate the image to reveal the rear and tap’n’hold the image to get the card details up on screen.

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