eBLASTER helps parents sleep easy with Geofencing alerts [PRESS RELEASE]

VERO BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpectorSoft® Corporation – the leader in PC, Mac, laptop, Internet, and mobile monitoring and analysis software – today introduced new Geofencing capabilities to enable parents to better understand the whereabouts of their children through their mobile devices.

“Mobile devices have introduced new concerns for parents as they seek to shield their children from inappropriate contact and content, but they also enable new location-based services that can help protect them”


Available immediately as an update to SpectorSoft’s eBLASTER Mobile for Android™ and eBLASTER Mobile for BlackBerry® software, Geofencing allows parents to create electronic location boundaries – or fences – that trigger an alert notification when their child enters or exits a pre-defined area with their mobile device. Armed with this knowledge, parents receive new reassurance that their children have arrived safely at their expected location and are in the right place at the right time.


“All parents worry when their kids are out of their sight – are they behaving, doing the right thing, making the right choices? I’ve spent countless nights pacing the floor and praying that they arrived safely after driving in traffic and that they weren’t out late at night when they were away from home,” said Paula Sirois, a parent in South Florida. “eBLASTER Mobile gave me my first real and sound night’s sleep in years. It automatically sends me alerts to let me know that my kids have arrived safely at their destinations and at what time. Every parent has wished to be in two places at once. With eBLASTER Mobile, now you can!”


SpectorSoft’s eBLASTER® Mobile software products allow parents to remotely monitor a wide range of activity that takes place on their child’s phone, including text activity, call logs, physical location, Web history and photos taken with the phone’s camera. With the addition of new Geofencing capabilities, eBLASTER Mobile provides the ability to set up virtual fences around key locations – such as homes, schools, malls, parks, sports facilities, friends’ houses, work locations – and for parents to be notified when their child with a mobile phone is inside or outside the fence, or recently entered or left the designated area.


eBLASTER Mobile Geofencing enhancements include:


New Online Control Panel Capabilities – A new map-based interface enables parents to easily create geofences and alert notifications.

New Email Notification Messages – Parents can now receive real-time alerts containing maps of the geofence, the current location of the child’s mobile phone, and time and location details about when the child entered or left the fence area.


“Mobile devices have introduced new concerns for parents as they seek to shield their children from inappropriate contact and content, but they also enable new location-based services that can help protect them,” said Lisa Shaw, SpectorSoft Senior Director, Child Internet Safety and Protection. “With the latest Geofencing enhancements for eBLASTER Mobile, we are continuing to build on our broad range of monitoring capabilities to give parents the tools they need tap into the value of these devices, while keeping their children safe both online and offline.”


Additionally, this release of eBLASTER Mobile is available for all new smartphones with BlackBerry 7 OS.


eBLASTER Mobile Pricing and Availability

A one-year eBLASTER Mobile subscription is priced at $69.95. eBLASTER Mobile for Android supports Android OS V1.5 and higher. eBLASTER Mobile for BlackBerry supports BlackBerry Device Software v4.2 or higher. For purchase and download information, visit www.spectorsoft.com or in the U.S. and Canada, dial toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-598-2788. For all other international calls, dial +1-772-770-5670. In the UK, call +44 (0)1483 243615.

  • Anonymous

    Of course.   How did any of us survive past the age of 12 without a geofenced electronic device?

    We’re raising a generation of morons.

    I have an idea. Instead of pacing and electronic tagging, we try instilling trustworthiness and respect into our children instead. It’s surely a lot cheaper.

    Parenting is SUPPOSED to be hard. No electronic gadget is going to change that.