Sprinkle now available for Android 2.3+ devices

An update to the popular fire-fighting game Sprinkle allows for play on all Android 2.3+ devices, including many tablets. Available in the Android Market, the game is billed as a “water-physics based puzzler”.  We bill it as downright addictive.  Like Shadowgun, the title was originally offered as a Tegra exclusive game.  In addition to the general availability of the game, the developer (Mediocre) has dropped a free version of the game which offers twelve new levels.  Looking forward we cannot wait to see what is in store for Tegra 3 devices with enhanced water, smoke, and physics!

Armed with a giant water cannon mounted on a crane, players must aim carefully and spray strategically in order to clear each level of the flaming asteroids that plague the land of Titan. Accompanied by Ouie, the heroic little Titan in a fire-fighting hat who crafted the powerful water cannon, players will travel across the land and help him save his innocent people. Try not to waste too much of the precious water on the journey, as players can even earn points towards unlocking additional levels!

Download Sprinkle using the following links!

Sprinkle (Android Market) Sprinkle Free (Android Market)