Android Market refund now 192x longer as it extends from 15 minutes to 48 hours (Update: Maybe not…)

Android Market refund now 192x longer as it extends from 15 minutes to 48 hours (Update: Maybe not…)

Hate the 15 minute refund window on purchases from the Android Market? Sure, it used to be 24 hours, but 15 minutes? Who can get an opinion on anything in 15 minutes? Well, Google has decided that those who are of this opinion are correct, and have given you more time… 192 times more time, to be specific. In a new version of the developer distribution agreement (which is rolling out as we speak), in section 3.4, it states:

Products that cannot be previewed by the buyer (such as applications): You authorize Google to give the buyer a full refund of the Product price if the buyer requests the refund within 48 hours after purchase.

You heard right, folks… 48 hours. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy to see the refund window expand, but this writer sees this as a possible opportunity to go from a ridiculously short window to all-out abuse on purchased apps. What do you think? Sound off in our comments and let us know.

Update: We’re hearing now that the 48 hour wording may only be how long Google has to get the money back, not the developer. Keep an eye here and we’ll keep you posted.

Source: Android Central

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  1. Tabe
    November 18, 15:28 Reply

    o_O This has already been dispelled

  2. grizzly
    November 18, 15:30 Reply

    I just compared the current version with the version available in May (thanks to the WayBack Machine – and this update is a simple language update to account for music and books being published on the Market. The refund language has not changed.

  3. Tenkely
    November 18, 15:35 Reply

    I am quite sure this post is inaccurate. 

  4. raitchison
    November 18, 19:45 Reply

    IMO the 15 minute period is too short, I can think of two specific paid apps I’m interested in but know that I could not adequately evaluate in such a short period of time.

    Obviously 24 or especially 48 hours is going to invite abuse.  I think a 1 hour return window is a good balance.

  5. benmarvin
    November 18, 20:56 Reply

    It’s still only 15 minutes:

  6. Havoc70
    November 19, 14:54 Reply

    Yea i agree 1 hour should be plenty of time, 48 is too long and 15 is wayyyyy to short

  7. web promo
    November 21, 05:17 Reply

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  8. Cefhoj
    December 10, 02:09 Reply

    From 15min to 48rs. the difference is too much

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