New judge ruling declares law enforcement must have a warrant in order to access mobile location data

New judge ruling declares law enforcement must have a warrant in order to access mobile location data

Worried about whether or not Big Brother can keep his prying eyes on your location at all times? With mobile devices relying more and more heavily on location data every day, the concern is certainly legitimate. However, today, ruling came down from U.S. Judge Lynn Hughes that law enforcement has no right to your location data without first getting a warrant issued. There was initially a law passed in the polar opposite direction, stating that the Stored Communication Act gives law enforcement agencies the right to said information without a warrant… or even probable cause. The initial law warrants this behavior because they say users give up a certain amount of privacy when entering into contract with the carriers, as they are considered third party companies.¬†However, Judge Hughes ruled it “unconstitutional”, and was was quoted saying:

When the government requests records from cellular services, data disclosing the location of the telephone at the time of particular calls may be acquired only by a warrant issued on probable cause. These data are constitutionally protected from this intrusion.

Here, here, Judge Hughes. It’s good to see that we, as citizens, still have the backing of at least some law makers who still are able to use common sense. Want to chime in? Hit up the comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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