Samsung quietly readying quad-core Exynos 4412 for Galaxy S III?

Samsung quietly readying quad-core Exynos 4412 for Galaxy S III?

Samsung, ready to keep pace with players like Qualcomm and NVIDIA, has been quietly working on their own quad-core processor.  Rumored to make its debut in the first few months of 2012, the Exynos 4412 is expected to be an ARM Cortex A9 with 1.5GHz processors.  It’s entirely possible that Samsung may opt to include these in the successor to the Galaxy S II, perhaps introducing both of them at Mobile World Congress.  And just as we were falling in love with our dual-core Galaxy S II!

How happy are you with your current handset?  Are you running single core or dual-core?  Or do you know or care?

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  1. Moosa Mahsoom
    December 23, 05:59 Reply

    isn’t exynos 4212 a dual core. and is samsung stupid to put exynos 4212 which is a dual core processor with 2 A9 cores. it will probably be a quad-core version of the exynos 5250 or something like that. i really think they should quit the name S III and go for Z or something like that

  2. Tony Archer
    December 27, 02:19 Reply

    They have the best naming scheme out there.  Everyone wants the next Galaxy S.  No one knows what an HTC Rezound is.

  3. Allen
    January 05, 05:43 Reply

    1.5 ghz quad-core? wow! cant wait to see how the SIII performs. 
    Moosa- the chipset is 4412 not 4212.

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